What is Javorwood?

The festival carries out the promotion of young artists and creators, who have the opportunity to present their fondnesses to the wider masses, and to connect with colleagues from the region. Therefore it promotes more branches of art, from fine arts, through performing arts, to music and architecture.

By uniting nature and art, we have created a complete unit of a festival attractive for people all ages.

Program Javorwood 2019.

Soccer field
12h – 14h – “Super Hero” – Jelena Bosanac – workshop for children
12h – 16h – Hair braiding workshop – Irna
13h – 14h – Capoeira – Nedim Slesh (for children)
14h – 15h – Yoga – Amra Kubat
15h – 16h – Capoeira – Nedim Slesh (for adults)

Forest 1
14h – 16h – The Realms of Space and Movements / Realms – Iva Korbar (Zagreb)

Forest 2
12.00h – 20.00h – Shamana Energy Doctor – Romina (Argentina)

16h – 16.30h – Anne Marie (Subotica)
16.30h – 17.15h – DJ Mex

17.15h – 17.45h – On The Lake – Performans – Iva (Zagreb)

18.00h – 18.20h – Solo Dance & Movement Performance:
18.00h – 18.20h – Ne Dosta Je – Anja Kraljević
18.00h – 18.20h – Incendium – Zulejha Kečo
18.35h – 19.35h – Ki Bend (Macedonia)
19.45h – 20.45h – Dingospo Dali (Belgrade)
21.00h – 22.20h – Vartra Bend (Belgrade)
22.30h – 00.00h – Mr. Shirazy (Cologne, Germany)
00.10h – 02.30h – DJ Jasmina
02.30h – 04.00h – Psycho & Plastic (Berlin)
04.00h – 06.00h – DJ Nerv

Leila Vrcic & Emina Tsiligkross – Mural on sperplots
Sasa Pesevski – Mural

ADA architectural group (Belgrade)
spatial installation and workshop on the lake – Open Eye

Lana Milicic & Hanan Delic & Mirza Smajlovic & Ana Matic – Painting on Canvas

Apply now

Call for Performers!

Open call for all stage, music and fine artists to sign up with their works, where they can perform at one of the Javorwood stages.

The call is open for all kinds of performing artists, musical artists or fine artists.

The application should contain:

 CV, digital documents: audio or video

Detailed description and duration of your appearance

Technical list (required technical material and equipment)

Scenes may not last longer than 20 minutes, music up to 40 minutes.

Fine artists and performers have the opportunity to prepare their works on the location a few days before the festival begins.

The deadline is 15.05.2019.

Open call for Workshops

Apply with your workshop, and teach the adults and children your trained skills, in arts, sports, psychology and spirituality (non-religious).

Deadline: 15.05. 2019.

Call for Volunteers!

We need your helping hand!

Get into the Javorwood world, gain rich experience through volunteer work in nature, learn new crafts, meet new people with same interests in arts and nature.

Together we create a a healthy and creative community!

Be part of the team!

Apply now with you motivational letter and/or CV

The deadline is 15.07.2019.




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