Slobodan Vojić

Slobodan Kojić is a sculptor, full professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje and director of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Tera in Kikinda. He graduated in 1971 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of sculpture. At the same Academy, he completed postgraduate studies in the class of professor Miodrag Popović in 1974.

The sculptural work of Slobodan Kojić began in the seventies of the last century. He participated in numerous collective exhibitions in the former Yugoslavia, but also abroad. He is the author of solo exhibitions in Belgrade and Zagreb.

He tried his hand at working with different materials: marble, bronze, coal, wood, stone, clay. And the participants will have the opportunity to work with him on wood, stone and clay.

Jelena Vujović

Dance on silk is a special combination of dance and gymnastic elements and was created in the seventies of the last century as one of the variations of the circus skill of trapeze dancing. It is very elegant, but it is not performed on real silk, but on two vertically placed elastic bands that are attached to the ceiling or a wire. This activity is an excellent challenge for both human strength and coordination. In the framework of aerial acrobatics – silk, climbing on silk, basic elements and knots will be taught.

Acrodance is a circus discipline that combines acrobatics and dance. This determines the sporty character of the dance, its unique choreography that includes elements of dance and acrobatics, as well as the use of acrobatics in a dance context. This is a popular dance style, both among amateurs and among professional theater actors and performers, as well as circus performers. They will learn the basic elements of acrodance, movements, balance (on the hands), stretching…

After years of experience in rhythmic gymnastics, as a competitor and coach, Jelena Vujović is turning to contemporary circus. Her first contact with the circus is aerial acrobatics (silk), which she has been doing since 2017.
In Novi Sad, he works on the development of contemporary circus as a pedagogue, within the Cirkoneo Circus School.

2021/22. spends the year at the Circus School “Flic” in Turin, Italy, where he studies acrodance.She attended numerous workshops of acrodance, aerial acrobatics, and circus pedagogy in the region and Europe. She participated in several circus shows and performances in Novi Sad, within the framework of the contemporary circus organization “Ludifico”, as well as in many festivals.